Darkness of night pierces the door of light,

Evanescent and temporal,

It induces sleep and soothes earthly life.

It slips softly into oblivion of

Dispelled with a ray of dawn light,

Sunlight, but chimes its death knell at twilight.


Darkness of mind enters through the window

Of ignorance, and veiled in mist.

It is covert, difficult to expunge.

May camouflage with glamorous

Intellectualism,  it smothers the light,

Enveloping one in the sheath of pride.


Darkness of spirit fills abode evil,

Coloured with sin, it swallows light.

Blinds and shoves one into gaping abyss,

But visits one through chosen will.

Eclipsing and shrouding eternal bliss,

Darkness of the soul is the darkest blight.


Darkness in myriad forms exists in life,

Engulfs, tortures and knows no bounds,

Penetrating closed doors, it makes no sound.

Having no gender, it strikes all,

In this endless struggle long and obscure,

Perseverance can be one trusted cure. –

Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

Clicked and prepared by Vipanjeet
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