“In the Autumn of Life”

Clicked by Vipanjeet

In the Autumn of my life,

When the wind of reminiscence blows,

The storm of wistful longing rages.


Frozen moments of the past blow and reel,

Old memories fall on the ground of my heart

From boughs of my mind: pale, blur and forsaken,


Discoloured and decayed, dry and broken,

Raked into a medley of fallen stars.

I pick them up.


They rustle and finally crumble

With my delicate touch,

Leaving specks of dust on the fingers of time.

Swirling mists surround me.

Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings


Clicked by Vipanjeet


  1. I have tried to infer your poem ma’am , please correct me if I am wrong , so you have correctly represented old leaves with old memories , we can try to caress these memories but they are dry , or blurred , (I don’t know exactly ) so they crumble like leaves .
    But I would like to know what the autumn represents in relation with memories

    1. Autumn symbolises maturity. It also means that one perceives these fallen memories from a different perspective now. As a result these memories don’t carry the pain/regret/negativity that was associated with them earlier. That burden has lightened as one is going beyond this with the passage of time as one is growing.

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