“Part of Me”

Evening Tea

Time for reflection and introspection

An old diary in my hands,

Some drafts of the past to be reviewed and polished.

Flapping pages tell a story-

A frisson of grief descended my spine.


Truth dawned through its pages:

Part of me has died of hatred-

Incinerated in isolation

on a piece of some waste land

that did not parallel a burning-ghat,

 After being tired of waiting on the pyre of apathy

and of competing with colossal piles of other selves

for dignity, for space, for attention

And for a decent goodbye.


Part of me is ripped to shreds:

Dumped on the sandy shores of time,

with sand beneath it slipping away

into waters of timelessness

mocking at this makeshift structure.

A stony marker beside.

Hungry predators clustered around

and tore me into several pieces,

feasting brazenly on me

for extracting dues I never owed.


Part of me is discarded:

washed away in swift currents

of the pristine swollen waters;

Floated downstream along with cremains

towards some unfathomable distant horizon

in search of peace and calmness,

Separated from me as if

it were one of my greatest sins.


Part of  me has died of abhorrence,

And of human indifference,

Leaving the ghost of lifeless drafts in my diary,

Part of me I could not revive in my rewriting.

Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

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