Dream Called Life

An array of lived dreams of life

Frozen into bricks and mortar of time,

Some achieved together

And some realised alone.


Each moment and each year of life

Is zinging down the wheel of Time,

Signaling the impending halt.

Listening still to the unheard melodies

Of unsaid tales of hopeful times

Makes me oblivious of the chime.


With new aspirations budding each day

And enticing me to soar high,

Cooing in my ears the song of a new dawn.

Entering the blissful realm of numbing silence

Becomes a distant but constant struggle.


The more I try to sever strings of illusion

To come out of the entanglement of life,

The more I get mired into

These swamps of attachment.


With the fulfilling past pulling me in one direction

And the glistering future in another,

I stand divided between the two times:

One of glitz and another of bliss.


Enmeshed in endless enchantments

And endless struggles,

I seek divine grace within.

Poem and Images Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

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