Dilemma of Woman

I pray to God everyday

to drag me out of this pseudo-asylum

created for me by pseudo-theorists.

I am myself and feel stifled by set rules:

One set of traditional rules is being exchanged with

Another set of new rules-

Both are stifling my life and are equally limiting.


The earthen pot over my head is replaced

with a glistening metal cauldron

But the head remains laden.

Why am I required to conform to something

that is inconsistent with my inner being?

Why am I being labelled on the basis of

what I eat, wear or believe in ?

Why couldn’t you consider my true worth, my essence?

Why am I labelled “mad” for being myself?


My head is laden with a new burden of conformity.



Empowerment is about decision making,

Why shall I live the life of your liking ?

Let me decide and be myself;

If I’m happy and cheerful in adversities, let me smile

Why shall I always be sad and miserable in my life?


If I know how to define myself, don’t teach-

Let me go beyond theory;

Let me find my own path and voice;

Let me focus on performance instead

Real feminists define themselves.


Let me choose and decide what suits my situation:

Listen to my voice and not to my habits.

My habits, my style are chosen by me,

Consider me a human being and a living soul

And not the dead matter that needs to be moulded.

I can empower myself in my own way.



Women are heterogeneous,

They defy categorisation,

And that’s the beauty of women.


When rottenness sets in and spreads its tentacles,

It only deadens you from inside

While maintaining its glamorous facade-

The story of struggle continues in woman’s life.


Let me blaze a trail of my own;

Let me leave the grain of madness behind,

I may be mad according to these set standards

But I am not insane actually; I’m only making

my choices and taking my own decisions;

If that is madness let me mad be;

Let the world have a share of it,

Let them binge in it and have it in excess

so that there is no scarcity of madness in life.

Poem and Image Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

Image by Vipanjeet
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