The world shows you a fixed (theoretical) path:

Neither tested nor practised personally,

Just crammed and swallowed.


As I walk on this trodden theory

I feel lost somewhere in the wilderness

Either I don’t belong to the theory,

Or the theory is alien to me.


I decided to mould myself to fit in:

It didn’t work as I’m unique in my own way.

I tried to rebuild it

And mould it to suit my needs.


It seems I have mixed some Indian masala (spice)

In a non-Indian dish,

And have discovered a taste of my own.

This is what life is: it goes beyond theory.


Redesign it, do some alterations where required

And have your own style.

Poem and Image Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

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