Pandemic Poetry: Poem 1″Where Have They Gone?”

So many people have left this world hastily

in the last two years:

leaving their wealth behind,

vacating prestigious posts they had held,

abandoning houses they owned and lived in,

parting from their loved ones; snapping all ties.


Perhaps they did not get time to think or plan.

Perhaps every planning ended for them.


At the end of this drama called life,

A decent farewell one desires;

a respectable adieu to rest in peace,

But that was also denied to them.


There was neither rest nor peace for them.


Everyone disowned them

and they renounced everything.

Isolation was what they got:

Physical,  mental, emotional and spiritual.


Abandoned corpses entreating for funeral rites,

Narrating their tale of woes in silence.

Nobody turned up from home to claim them;

prayers are said for them by some good priests.

The piles of unclaimed ashes in urns

awaiting immersion in the holy waters

delayed deliverance for them.


No more empty lockers left to house them,

the urns of ashes left hanging

from the branches of trees at cremation grounds.

The trees alone spread their arms of unconditional love;

offered them solace; let them rest for sometime

in peace; gave them some hope of immortality

on their last halted journey – just like the Tree of Life:

The only endorsement they had in this world

of their worthy existence and miserable non-existence.

Adopted by Nature when shunned by humanity.


The thin line drawn by Coronavirus barred them

from both living and dying with dignity.

Positive is the new negative in pandemic

and Negative is the new magical word now.


 “Who is the Planner?”

Who planned these inversions?

Is it an act of God or a human mischief?

Perhaps the inversion was God’s scheme-who knows?

Is the human world being churned?

Is butter being churned out leaving buttermilk behind?

Or is it vice-versa?


Is God planting a new garden and wants crop?

Were humans needed elsewhere and in great numbers?

Is it a kind of war against humankind?

Is it man-made?

Who knows? Who can elaborate?

Perhaps nobody knows.

The unanswerable questions haunt us.

Copyright ©️ 2021 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

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(These lines were written first in my diary in the beginning of 2020 when the first wave of COVID-19 had started and people were dying in great numbers in the entire world making COVID-19 a global concern. The pandemic was sudden, unprecedented, incomprehensible and shocking.)

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