Micropoetry Haiku 8

Photo clicked and prepared by Vipanjeet
COVID isolation 
The healing hands of God plucked
The strings of my soul

Image and poem Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur- VJ Poetic Musings

My first poem post COVID infection and recovery. The novel monstrous illness has given a bittersweet treatment and has taught many things about life. I have lost a few things during this isolation period including my fair weather friends (which is again welcome and a new beginning, painful though) but have gained invaluable experience in life. Still struggling to voice my thoughts, may be due to the slight brain fog. Will try to give final shape to my poems now that were written during the first two waves (something I had dreaded in the last two years as it is traumatic to relive those past moments even though not experienced personally). The only difference will be that the older version was based on the second hand experience whereas the revised one will now be having a touch of empathy and personal feelings. It becomes more traumatic to be labelled as the Virus when one is part of the minority in the hate politics whereas the majority around one are miraculously alright. In such situations, the Virus becomes unbelievably selective in infecting people. Perhaps this is how the world has been right from the beginning. At last, it is only the healing touch that can sieve positives and negatives and lift one up from misery. – JeetVipan


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