“My Attitude”

When I am attacked,
and undermined;
I take it in my stride
as I believe in myself-

The flame of my art
burns bright within,
the world around me,
blazing it with
the heat of envy.

Let the smoke of bitterness
and fill the empty space
around me -

The more it gets filled,
The more pristine I emerge,
cleansing the dirt of my sins
and emptying my self
for a timeless fill.
The more emptied I am
of the ancient guilts,
The more filled I am
with eternal bliss.

Remember the world chases
worthy butterflies,
Nobody runs after
worthless flies.
If criticised,
believe in yourself.
The flame within you
is burning bright.

Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and vjpoeticmusings.com. All rights reserved.

(If people around you are attacking, criticizing and humiliating you, it means that you are growing. Strive for perfection and believe in yourself. Don't stop growing.)
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