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“A Hazy Outline”

A hazy outline I see
in my dreams
shifting backward in time
flipping through the pages
of history
and dragging me
to the silken shadows
of some old worn out memories
and surreal moments
that are too blur and dim
to be owned and recognised:
The moments I spent
in the unfathomable sea of Life
in the bhavsagar
on this mortal land before
in the quest of my self
that only wandered and wondered
like a caterpillar searching for
somersaulting through ages
and dying many deaths
while yearning to be alive.

The times I was bound
like a bumblebee
to the transient
sweetness of the nectar
of this mortal world
and to which
I am in love with still
I am attached still
to the broken dreams
and memories
of some unknown hope

but now with a renewed yearning
of release from the bondage
and with a renewed wait
for getting my strings severed

I fall still in the muck
while trying to be pristine
I get stuck still
in the deep mire
of illusion and

but there's a difference now-
This time to rise
but not to fall;
to lose my self
and not to gain it.

Note: "bhavsagar" - It is the ocean of existence orlife in Indian context.

Poem Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and VJ Poetic Musings. All rights reserved.

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