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“My Writing”


If Iam single and I write,
they say, "she has no family
and has free time", as if writing were
only the business of idlers;
If I am married and I write,
they say, "I am frustrated
and write to vent out my anger
I have for my in-laws".

If I write on love, I am labelled characterless;
If I write on spiritualism,
I am ridiculed ruthlessly;
If I go green and write on Nature,
I am labelled as mad and old-fashioned;
If I write on fashion, I am modern and without soul;
If I am silent, I am not intelligent;
If I speak out, I am cantankerous.

I write because: I am a human being
capable of expressing myself;
I wish to write;
I connect and empathize
with fellow creatures;
I respond to my surroundings;
I write with or without reason.
Nothing may be happening
in my personal life.

I write simply for writing,
Don't read between the lines
Let me write of my expression. - Vipanjeet

Poem Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and VJ Poetic Musings. All rights reserved.

Nobody would ask a man reasons why he writes but woman is still denied writing space and expression even in the modern society. She is still ridiculed and ostracised for expressing herself. Surprisingly, those denying it are sometimes educated professionals. Her writing is related to her personal life and she is given derogatory labels of inferiority.

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