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“My Loneliness”


Rejected by society
for being myself
I place my faith in the Almighty
who was with me always
though invisible
listening to my words
in silence
wiping out my tears
in loneliness
sharing my pain
in adverse times.

I am not alone in my loneliness
and suffering:
The Infinite
walked the way I walked
suffered the way I suffered
cried the way I cried
felt my pain
watched my staggering steps
makes me rise after every fall
when all fair-weather friends
joined hands with the opponent
all around me just laughed at me
pressurised me to compromise
derived sadist pleasure
out of my suffering
left me in lurch
put me down
and joined hands to make me suffer more.

Accepted by the Almighty
I dare to rise
and claim the sky.

Poem Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and VJ Poetic Musings.

(Although this poem is not gender specific yet being a woman I feel that society leaves woman alone in adverse situations. When man is in trouble, entire society is with him but woman is generally left alone and is blamed for her own suffering even when circumstances are beyond her control. She is forced to compromise against her wishes and is pressurised to do something her conscience doesn't allow her to do. Society tries to make her a sacrificial goat.At that time, she can only pray to strengthen herself. This question is always raised that she is more religious than man. It is because she has nobody on her side and feels oppressed and helpless. Ostracising her, labelling her as worthless/dirtiest of the dirty to break her - these are the weapons used as punishment even by the educated professional society. I feel that she should fight back and believe in what she herself chooses to.)

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