“Gulmohar: A Sunny Bride”

As published in March/April 2023 issue of Creative Inspirations
Cover Page March/April 2023
"Gulmohar: A Sunny Bride"

Heatwave intensifies
setting the landscape on fire,
spewing and spitting its glowing anger,
burning and scorching
everything on the earth
except Gulmohar blossoms:
heat of the sun gets dunked
into their softness,
its fervour mellows in their sepals.

The petals of these blossoms
soak fiery rays of the sun
and emit radiance unseen
further brightening summer,

The more they soak,
the redder they grow,
turning the bleached sky
into a sunny bride
decked in a burning-red attire,
teaching endurance to humankind.
- Vipanjeet Kaur ©️

Note: Indian Gulmohar tree is known as Royal Poinciana or Flame tree in English.

The poem has been included in March/April 2023 issue of Creative Inspirations Journal.

Poem and Image Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and VJ Poetic Musings. All rights reserved.

Image of Gulmohar, Courtesy-Vipanjeet Kaur 2022  ©️


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