Amaltas Poem : “The Ornament of Summer”

The sun  showers
its radiance in abundance
on the petals of Amaltas flowers.

Its golden inflorescences
hang like ornaments of
a lovely maiden who has
just stepped into her youthful
exuberance shedding off her
childhood ignorance-

fresh and delicate like spring itself,
it dares to bloom despite
the mercurial indifference of
the scorching summer
with love, grace and tolerance.

(Note: The Indian Amaltas tree is known as The Golden Shower Tree or Indian Laburnum in English. Its scientific name is Cassia Fistula.)
Poem and Photograph Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and VJ Poetic Musings. All rights reserved.
Photograph Courtesy- Vipanjeet Kaur 2022 ©️
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