“Frozen Memories”

The region of my heart
where memories lay frozen and preserved
in silence
is stirred again...

stirred and abuzz with dynamic gush of memories.

As the snow of bitterness melts
in the spring of remembrance,
The dew of regeneration falls
like the grace of dawn,
like the bliss of ambrosia,
and moists the orbs of my heart.

Memories defrost like shrunken peas;
They stutter, stagger and leave
the canvas of my heart
through the door left ajar;
The dark shades of bitterness are transformed into
the shining hues of mercy.

When I bid them goodbye
through the window of my soul,
I realise -

The hardness of my karma had preserved them.
And the heat of karma itself has melted and burnt them
cleansing my heart and releasing my soul from the bondage of past.

Poem Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur and VJ Poetic Musings. All rights reserved.

Photograph Courtesy- Freddie Addery http://www.pexels.com
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