“I was contemplating the world” : Adapted from a tweet

I was contemplating the world

and found it to be

A marvellous land;

A kaleidoscopic array of joys and sorrows;

A promising Karmabhumi

to sow afresh the karmas of virtues and sins

and reap their harvest eternally.


I found the world a game of chance

in which the dice rolls one’s destiny across.


I could see this world as

a mesh of snakes and ladders where

black snakes from hell

with their mouths agape

are ready to swallow helpless souls

dragging them down to the abyss of Darkness;

and ladders pointing upwards

catapulting one to God’s abode of Light

are woven intricately together.


While contemplating the world,

I found myself in the mire of phantasmagoria

and came across the world rippling and sparkling

in stunning mirages shimmering with happiness which

melts away in the heat of delusion –

Mirages hot and cold

that burnt and froze me in desire

with its chimera but failed to quench

my thirst for tranquility.


I was contemplating the world and

had a desire to see beyond its material folds.

Poem Copyright ©️ 2022 Vipanjeet Kaur. Adapted from a prompt done for #FromOneLine (I was contemplating the world) on Twitter. There is limited space and the complete poem couldn’t be shared there.

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