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Gogyohka- Take 5ive

Image from Take 5ive issue

The entire issue can be checked here:

My first Gogyohka poems have been published today in the prestigious journal of 5-line poetry Take 5ive. The journal is edited by editor Steve Wilkinson. I am extremely grateful to him for this selection and publication. Gogyohka is a Japanese poem of 5 lines without syllable restriction and title. Other forms are Gogyoshi and tanka. If you want to know more about this form, you can check it out here:

I am sharing my favourite one below. What has already been tailored for us, and what we aspire to do in life… There has always been a huge gap between the two. Written on the difficulty of growing up as a child (and even as an adult fighting with class, race, gender and other issues) in the patriarchal society, I am hoping that it will resonate with my readers.


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